Recipe: Frittata di “Maccarunə Carrati”

Once upon a time, when the zero-waste attitude was an integral part of our living, there was “la frittata di maccheroni”. There are no particular recipes for this one-dish meal usually made out of leftover pasta with its sauce, beaten eggs and eventually  “aggarbato” with cheese (usually the grated crust of aged-old pecorino).

Notes: Aggarbato comes from the verb aggarbare and in neapolitan language it means to fix something. In this case aggarbato means “adjusted to achieve the tastiest result”

Here’s the Frittata di “Maccarunə Carrati” aka Spaghetti alla chitarra with asparagus and aged pecorino cheese.

Frittata di spaghetti alla chitarra
Frittata di Maccarunə Carrati… Photo: Lonza65

Delightfully yours,
Orsola CK @ Appetibilis

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