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the result of a collaborative effort of a group of friends passionate about Food & Travel, and everything in between. We are a small team of talents with a wide range of skills and experience.

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“We are on a journey of discovery, recovery and narration – in visual and words – of flavors, knowledge and culture of People, Places, Food & Style…”

What we can do for you

Visual & Words
(Immagini e testi)

Content Creation
(Creazione di contenuti in)
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🇮🇹 Italiano

Storytelling on Food & Travel
(Racconti di viaggi & cucina)

Food & Prop Styling
(Preparare cibi e bevande per le riprese fotografiche)

Food Photography
(Fotografia di cibo dal packaging alla piatto)

Create and Test Recipes for Special Diets
(Creare e sviluppare ricette – dolci e salate per diete speciali)

Appetibilis, from the Latin appetere, means desirable. Originally it had the literal meaning of “striving towards something, trying to reach something“.

The Appetibilis, from the left: Simona Scarone, Orsola Ciriello Kogan & Rosangela Giannoccaro

And here we are, from the left, Simona Scarone, Orsola Ciriello Kogan & Rosangela Giannoccaro.

Always looking for stories in search of an author, about people and their territory, stories that tell (in words and images) about craftsmanship, gastronomy, art, agriculture, ingenuity … in short, everything that makes the world of makers unique.

In essence, with Appetibilis, we are on a journey to discover, recover and narrate about knowledge and culture – art & craft – of talented artisans and makers in search of an author. Along with local flavors, regional traditions, arts & crafts, food, wine & spirits, trends and suggestions about cooking, food styling, blogging and photography.

Truth to be told, it’s a constant work in progress!

ockstyle travel vibe selfie

That’s me, Orsola Ciriello Kogan, aka OCKstyle a gourmet traveler and the founder of Appetibilis.

Photographer, trained chef and pastry chef, food stylist, and blogger. Experienced in multilingual content creation: I speak Italian, English, French and Russian.

At the beginning, I didn’t have a clear picture of how I wanted to be, I just knew that it had to be appetizing, hence appetibilis.

The idea of the blog sparked some time ago, while traveling, as I created the first draft on the spur of the moment.
You know, it was one of those moments when you feel the need to do something new, perhaps because your lifestyle requires a change – be it for health reasons and / or ethical choices – you can’t find the info you’re looking for and the blog appears to be a good solution to tell about your quest to discoveries and observations.

We love to travel, write and photograph; also cook, eat, drink and be merry… Not necessarily in that order.

The original A-Team

Here’s the original A-Team. Three friends passionate about Italy, its stories, legends and folktales.

from left:

The Appetibilis Girls | Photo ©GiuseppeMarone
Photo ©GiuseppeMarone

Lorenza Destro, aka Lonza65: Languages, Sport, and Storytelling…
Matelda Codagnone, aka Deda: Food, Safety and Photography…
that’s me 🙂 Orsola Ciriello Kogan

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