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Fresh anchovies | Photo ©OrsolaCirielloKogan
Fresh anchovies | Photo ©OrsolaCirielloKogan

Anchovies, forage fish for top predators, when salt-cured, are an exceptional flavour-boosting element. When used fresh have a very firm flesh and a delicate, naturally oily flavour.  They belong to the broad category of “pesce azzurro”, (oily fish) rich in healthy omega fatty acids.
Fresh anchovies are a great ingredient for a wholesome and healthy meal.

“Thank food it’s Friday!” ~ Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast

Fresh Anchovies marinated in Raspberry vinegar and Passion fruit :: Recipe and Styling: Orsola Ciriello Kogan | Photo ©LuciaZeccara
Recipe and Styling: Orsola Ciriello Kogan
Photo ©LuciaZeccara

This “Marinated Fresh Anchovies” is an approachable, friendly type of recipe, a real classic commonly used all over Italy.
I’ve just changed the wine vinegar, with its distinctive sharp acidity, for a mellower 100% raspberry vinegar, and the result was a pale, silvery, delightfully meaty fillets that melted in your mouth.
Served with fresh raspberries and a few drops of passion fruits made it a smart and stylish appetizer.

I’m telling you, this is the kind of fast food you’ll love, I know you’ll do. Truth is that you’ll have to get your hands dirty, but the final bites make it worth the effort.
Just in case, ready made marinated anchovies can be purchased form the deli section of many gourmet markets carrying Italian or Spanish delicacies. But this is not the case for real foodies!

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