On Food, Photography & Styling

It’s a world of pretty pictures, but what does it take to produce captivating images of food?

How is it possible to convey in a picture those delicious moments that follow a bite of a tasty morsel? How to translate our recipes into dazzling pics?

Rainbow Salad with edible flowers | Recipe and Styling: Orsola Ciriello Kogan | Photo ©LuciaZeccara

“However rudimentary you may imagine your ignorance to be, if you don’t know, ask; if you don’t understand, request an explanation” ~David Randall (The Universal Journalist)

Food photography is the result of team-work. Generally there is a food stylist to prepare the food and style it, (a cooking background is essential); a prop stylist to pick the props, a photographer to ponder about the visual balance, camera angle, lighting.

The resulting image is meant to seduce, and yet what looks good on the plate doesn’t necessarily look good on a picture.
The setting, the lighting, the mood all together are playing an important role in the seduction game, eventually to make you want “to eat” the page or screen.

OCK IMG_9664_s
OCK @ Appetibilis

My name is Orsola (aka ockstyle) and I am a food stylist! Trained in both visual and culinary arts, I’ve took my first steps in the field with the late food stylist master Delores Custer. I’ve worked with an inspiring hodgepodge of people, from professional kitchens to magazines and tv.

However, the moment I tell people I’m a food stylist, aside from the initial oohs – or some hilarious moments where food stylist was misunderstood for foot stylist 😉 – there is always the “what’s that?” question, eventually followed by “is it even real food?”.

Yes folks, it’s real! The trend is to present genuine food with crumbs, spills, possibly in natural light, to show the “hero” (the item that will be featured in the photograph) in an authentic context.

Italian Picnic | Recipe and Styling: Orsola Ciriello Kogan | Photo ©LuciaZeccara

With photographers Rosangela Giannoccaro and Lucia Zeccara, and the chef Simona Scarone, we are holding in Rome a series of introductory workshops on “Food Photography & Styling”. They’re in Italian, but could be easily organized in English too.

Fell free to ask us about it, here’s our contact email

In the gallery are few picks from our last workshops… I’ve prepped and styled all the food in the pictures.

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