Meet the Makers :: Marco Lauterio, the Neola Maker

Neola, nevola, pizzella, ferratella, cancellata: names are different, the thing you have in mind is always the same. A made-in-Abruzzo waffle, either crunchy or soft, on which you can spread home-made preserves, nutella galore or whatever fancies your tastebuds.
Ingredients of the trade... | photo: ©MateldaCodagnone

Indeed the “cialda” (i.e. waffle) recipe can be found in many Italian regions, but the waffle-maker appliance is 100% MadeInAbruzzo.

Marco Lauterio is the owner of CBE Elettrodomestici, the last neola-maker manufacturer left in Abruzzo. His father started the business and Marco followed his father’s steps and has become an experienced foundryman, after many years he knows aluminum like the back of his hands.

His neola-maker business is a good balance between crafstmanship and industrial approach. He and his team take care of the manufacturing process in every detail. They design the pattern to be engraved on the aluminum plates, they cast the aluminum into the moulds and assemble the single part in order to achieve the final product. Each neola maker is then tested, packed and stored. Neola makers are then shipped all over Italy, Europe and overseas, especially in Australia.


Antonietta Di Nucci, Marco’s wife, is in charge of testing the maker from the user’s standpoint. She is a curious, passionate and creative “pasticciera” (i.e. confectioner). For her recipes she tries to use “old” ingredients such as Solina wheat flour, buckwheat and other items that have been forgotten in the last decades. Her blog is a treasure chest full of recipes  you can make full use of. You could spend hours with Antonietta, she loves to share her knowledge of Abruzzo heritage. That is why her presence at the Neola Pride Day last December was undoubtedly the surplus value of a day that was meant to celebrate the neola and the neola makers.

Next time you are going to cook some neolas, make sure you use the right makers. With Marco and Antonietta’s device, your neolas will taste better. No matter what your ingredients are, they will taste of Abruzzo.

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