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Made in Italy :: AbruzzoCreativo, New-Fashioned Heritage

What do Fellini’s favourite scriptwriter, an exquisite filigree jewel and a typical fishing device like the trabocco have in common?

The AbruzzoCreativo workshop in Pescara | photo: ©MateldaCodagnone

The AbruzzoCreativo workshop in Pescara | photo: ©MateldaCodagnone

They are all icons from the same region, Abruzzo and they feature AbruzzoCreativo items. The mind behind the brand is Paola Mucci, an architect by trade and a creative soul at heart. Paola is deeply in love with her region – Abruzzo – where traditional heritage is still strong and cherished by their people.

Architect Paola Mucci and Presentosa glassware, AbruzzoCreativo Pescara workshop
photo: ©MateldaCodagnone and ©ockstyle

The first idea came from the Taranta blanket, a  woollen matted fabric that is manufactured in the village of Taranta Peligna, Chieti. Paola’s intent was to use its unique pattern and weft in furniture design, but its exploitation proved to be difficult. The creative spark fired after a trip to Sardinia. Sardinia’s crafts and cultural floklore have been updated in so many different ways. Why not to try with Abruzzo? These two regions share many traditional features and the bottom line was to rethink the cultural heritage of the land into a modern way. “Tradizione contemporanea” – new-fashioned heritage – was the the right key and production started with “the mug” series.

Architect Paola Mucci, AbruzzoCreativo Pescara workshop
photo: ©MateldaCodagnone and ©ockstyle

Mugs show Abruzzo icons: Ennio Flaiano’s portrait – journalist, humorist and Fellini’s best scriptwriter, the Presentosa – a filigree pendant jewel – and the trabocchi, (a fishing device). The challenge is to bring up to light Abruzzo treasures, especially the ones that are little known and even less promoted. A natural outcome of this is the “Provincia” series, four mugs bearing four “hidden” treasures of each Abruzzo province: Roman mosaic floor in Vasto, Atri Cathedral rose window, Scanno typical women’s dress and Pescara Ponte del Mare (i.e. Sea bridge).

Love from AbruzzoCreativo Pescara workshop | photo: ©MateldaCodagnone

The path was set and Paola thought about new subjects, all of them with a strong and direct link to her region: Bruno the brown bear, the sheep and the “papalina” (a type of oily fish) and kitchenware production includes walnut chopping boards, glasses, pot mats, and coffee cups. 

“i so’ d’abruzz” – Bruno the brown bear and the bird | photo: ©ockstyle

AbruzzoCreativo knows how to combine long-standing cultural heritage with a modern style; because only if you know your roots, you will be able to express yourself in an original way. And that is exactly what AbruzzoCreativo does with its products.

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