Rome, April 19 :: Sustainably Awakening… Gin & Tonic Anyone?

Sustainability in Beauty & Fashion.

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The simple decision to repurpose old material has become a full-blown commitment to the upcycling — regenerating brands of eco “futurewear” that’s now leading the sustainability movement. Meet Marine Serre, Phoebe English, GmbH, Eckhaus Latta… (GQ)

Could Coronavirus Spark a Sustainable Fashion Awakening? Lockdown teaches us that beyond our basic needs for clean air and water, wholesome food and the company of loved ones, so much of our everyday consumption is excessive… (Business of Fashion)

“Sustainability is not just about wearing an organic t-shirt. It has to be a way of life.” ~ Bandana Tewari

How Coronavirus Could Change Beauty’s Commitment to Sustainability. For the beauty industry, the sustainability conversation often revolves heavily around reducing plastics and packaging, but the widespread economic fallout and rising death and illness rates from the coronavirus is forcing that conversation to expand to include social issues… (WWD)

Fashion is responsible for around 10 percent of the world’s carbon emissions and nearly 20 percent of the world’s water waste, according to several United Nations groups. Some designers are taking steps to fight industry waste — but real change requires a shift in our mind-set… (ELLE)

While fast fashion has in use the forefront chain and everybody is tirelessly stockpiling on one style after another, there are a few viable fashion hacks seeking to change the game for better. The Growth Of Sustainable Fashion Ecosystem In India… (Entrepreneur)

Ethical fashion doesn’t have to be expensive, here are some interesting, affordable brands for ethical clothes on a budget… (The good trade)

Art + Food

Spice up your arsenal of dishes to serve and make sure no food goes to waste with these plant-based recipes… A Taste of How to Eat Your Greens!… (Gestalten)

At the intersection of art and food, twisting vines and leafy botanics carved into Crusty Breads and transforming bread and focaccias into edible canvases for her botanic projects. Meet Blondie + Rye… (This is Colossal)

A “Cheat Sheet” to Flavor Profiles: What makes something taste Italian or Cajun or Moroccan? (Cook Fearless)

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