Letters from Italy

Rome, April 13 :: Quarantine Pillow Challenge… Voguish Reading

Food Photography
We’ve always been found of the creative genius when it comes to food still-lifes of Beijing based Yum Tang: Snack & High-Heeled… (Trendland)

Covid-19 times
Is homemade mask safe to use? In New York City, a desperate need among healthcare workers has pushed to the forefront with the shortage of face masks for healthcare workers responding to COVID-19… (Smithsonian Magazine)

Quarantine Pillow Challenge
Exit le jogging, bonjour l’oreiller. Depuis le début du confinement, de nombreux challenges apparaissent sur les réseaux sociaux et le dernier en date va probablement ravir les mordus de mode… (Paris Match)

Bread-baking dreams
Homemade bread recipes for every level of baker. Grab some flour and whip out your wooden spoon, because the time to unlock the magic of homemade bread recipes is now… (Well + Good)

Community Kitchens
Chefs, struggling to save their own restaurants, have quickly applied their passion and skills to feed their communities… (Civil Eats)

“Today an army of American cooks stands ready to serve our most vulnerable citizens, at a time when those cooks are themselves in desperate need of support” Chef José Andrés

Whole foods
What is your food philosophy? What are some important guidelines you use to decide what to eat and where to source ingredients? Whole foods are the backbone of the recipes… (Ethical Foods)

Keto diet breath
Every “diet” comes with some downsides, like giving up sweets, cutting out bread, or—if you’re on the keto diet — keto breath, a particularly unpleasant side effect of the keto diet… (Hello Giggles)

Photo Credits
Snack & High-Heeled Photo by Yum Tang
Pillow Cover Photo by Roger Bradshaw on Unsplash
Hat Photo by Nina Strehl on Unsplash