A Half-Serious Set of Rules for True Italian Pizzeria-Goers :: Part 2

Wood-fire Pizza | Photo ©JustinConnors

Second part of fundamental pizzeria regulars. After you’ve survived the first five rules, there’a still a long way to go…

“REMEMBER: you are here to have pizza!”

6. Use your hands. All right, you need to cut your pizza – no one will ask you to tear your pizza off with your bare hands as if you were a troglodyte – but don’t cut it into minuscule squares. Toddlers and foreigners do. Use your hands to fold the slice, enjoy the warmth under your fingertips and put it into your mouth.

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7. Don’t trust table mates who suggest to go halfsies. I know people who have been married for years and have never shared a pizza. Why should you? The scam is always hidden in the question: “Shall we share?”. Avoid.

Draft Beer | Photo ©QuentiDr

8. Drink beer. Beer is THE correct pairing with pizza. Someone has Coke (kids), some other has wine but 99% of pizzeria goers prefer beer. You won’t be the 1% who drinks water, will you?

9. Leftovers are not allowed. Unless the “cornice” (i.e. the rim of the baked pizza dough) is burnt, it’s bad manners to leave some pizza in the plate.

10. Enjoy!
– Pizza is by far one of the most popular food in the Solar System.
– Forget about everything you have read so far.
– Rules are made to be broken.
– Just enjoy your pizza!

In case you’ve missed Part 1 🙂

Cover image: Photo ©EdselLittle