Weekly Voguish: Yoga, Bauhaus & Unsmart Devices

On the menu: Food for Thought

Mondrian Color + Bento Box | ©YumTang

Appetibilis Newsletter :: Our review of more-or-less appetizing and/or trendy bites from the world wide web… You choose 😉

Check the T’s Wellness Guide to London The city’s burgeoning health-conscious cafe scene, meanwhile, is slowly shifting perceptions of English food culture from “beige” to “green.”

The creative process and how the artist Yum Tang realized this visually stunning Bento Box commercial

Art & Design

Following up on 3D trend and cool digital artist here’s a beautiful and very visual study of creative explorations on what could be our everyday objects if they were “unsmart”.

A collection of rarely viewed paintings made by Bauhaus art and design school artists are to be brought together for a rare show in London.

From champagne to Tali Lennox, mixing informal with formal: slim, angular suits in violet and fuchsia were followed by hyper-casual hoodies and more on this week’s fashion trends

The Photographer’s Guide to Selling Their Art Online: Before we begin to look in detail about how you can best go about selling your photography online, we first need to get the images ready to be uploaded.

Food For Thought
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“The language for meat, and beef in particular, just sounds so much more delicious, and labels like “meat free,” “vegan” and “vegetarian” tend to be turnoffs for consumers.” ~Daniel Vennard

How To Get Meat Eaters To Eat More Plant-Based Foods? Make Their Mouths Water – Focus less on the meat-free or health aspects of plant-based foods and more on their flavor, mouthfeel and provenance, so it’s “appealing to the inner food critic within all of us”

Healthy Living

Here are some ways Cat and Dog body language can express their love and other emotions.

Cover credits: Breathe – Photo by Tim Goedhart on Unsplash