On Two “vintaGe” Wheels :: The “G” spot is NOT what you’re thinking ;)


Everybody aged 40+ rode one in their teens. It was born in the Sixties and since then it has become a symbol of freedom and nonconformity.

One of its advertising campaign [ITA] called it “Brigitte Bardot’s Rolls Royce” and surrealist painter Salvador Dalì loved it so much that he frequently was photographed with it.


We are talking about Graziella, the folding bike that changed people’s idea of bicycle: until then the bicycle was considered either as sport gear or a means of transport for down-and-outs.
Graziella soon became a status symbol for affluent people so much that even a special “golden” edition “Graziella Tuttadoro” was issued for the lucky ones who could afford it.

More than fifty years have gone by since Graziella was launched on the market and its charm never fades.
Last 3rd September, the third edition of Graziellopoli [ITA] took place in the town of Chieti. Bike Inside Team cycling association – Vintage branch – took care of organising the event: about 40 Graziella owners gathered for a tour around the town.


Participants were asked to wear vintage clothes and accessories in order to match Graziella style.


The outcome was an elegant and highly refined parade that brightened up the lazy Saturday afternoon of the town, with delightful stops at Gelateria Il Boschetto a fresh aperitivo at La Piazzetta del Teatro, and a final light dinner at Mirmidoni in the quiet and traffic-free Piazza Malta, just in time to enjoy the twilight “blue hour” with a glass of Pecorino wine and a slice of ham pie.

Pure pleasure for taste-buds, eyes and ears. Will Piazza Malta be the next “G” spot?

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