A-Team :: Lorenza Destro

Appetibilis Team: Lorenza Destro (aka Lonza65)

My name is Lorenza Destro aka Lonza65. Born in the Sixties, I am fond of languages, sports, literature and food. I believe that “to know a second language is to have a second soul”.

One of the funniest way to get to know a Country is, besides learning its language, is to taste its food. For the time being, I am still exploring Italy and it’s a quite long way to go…

I was brought up in Veneto and I studied in Trieste. I graduated in 1990 and I am a translator by trade. In 1993 I moved to the Abruzzi and since then I have been living in the Pescara area. I have been working as a free lance translator and as employee in many companies of the area.

I have always been interested in food because I strongly believe that it is the most powerful means to understand people and to gather people together. Food is a sort of traditional footprint that we bear with us but can be easily shared with others.

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