Traveling Gluten-Free in Italy… with a Basic Vocabulary

#GF Travel Tips – Whether you’re living with celiac disease or simply avoiding gluten for one reason or another, here are few tips for booking your travel

Plan ahead. Finding something to eat at airports, on planes, and trains is typically more difficult than eating at the final destination… Traveling Gluten-Free via

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#GF in Italy
In Italy Gluten free restaurants here boost eclectic menus that go far and beyond any coeliac’s wildest dreams. Home made stuffed Tortellini, gluten free Tiramisu, hand rolled Piadina and… How to Eat Gluten Free in Italy via Honest Cooking

The country didn’t just know about celiac disease, they accepted it. They embraced that this was an issue and moved around it to accommodate their meals, and did so with gusto… The Essential Gluten Free Guide to Italy via Legal Nomads

Italy is actually known as one of Europe’s best destinations for food-conscious travelers avoiding gluten… Gluten Free Guide to Italy

“Senza Glutine,” was the Italian for “gluten free” and it would be my “go to” term when I was dealing with food… Traveling Gluten Free in Italy via

There’s a great deal of public awareness in Italy about celiac disease. The Italian government offers celiac patients vouchers to buy gluten-free food… Italy, Land Of Pizza And Pasta, Is Gluten-Free Friendly : The Salt via NPR

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Eating gluten free in the middle of Italy sounds like a nightmare, but weirdly enough it’s actually easier than here in England… How to Eat Gluten Free in Rome via Glutopia

In Italy it’s better to say “I have Celiac” than asking for gluten-free — a stark difference from the US where people often look as you like you have three heads when you say “Celiac.”… Eating Gluten-Free in Italy via Grain Changer

Basic #GF Italian Vocabulary
Gluten free: senza glutine
May contain: possono contenere
Contains: contiene
Wheat: grano
Barley: orzo
Rye: segale
Oats: avena

Between the following links you can find locations in Italy monitored – at least once a year – by the Italian Coeliac Association in order to guarantee gluten-free meals… Info: Eating out gluten-free in Italy and Dieta senza glutine – Search engine via

This Italian foreign language restaurant card enables celiacs / coeliacs to tell the hotel, cafe or restaurant where they are eating out about their food requirements for a gluten free diet… Italian Celiac / Coeliac Gluten Free Restaurant Card

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  1. I’d never thought about learning enough Italian to travel around and still eat gluten free. I like to eat gluten free around home, and a lot of the Italian restaurants by my house allow for it fairly easily too. I’m planning a trip to Italy later this year though, so this is going to come in handy! Thanks for sharing!

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