Postcards from Moscow Farmers Market

Formaggi :: Творог :: Chit chat at the “Tvorog cheese” stall: Say Cheese! Photo ©OCKstyle

Le radici sono importanti, nella vita di un uomo, ma noi uomini abbiamo le gambe, non le radici, e le gambe sono fatte per andare altrove. (Pino Cacucci)

Carni :: Мясо :: Meat section | Photo ©OCKstyle

Carni :: Мясо :: Piglets stall | Photo ©OCKstyle

Arrotino :: Knife and scissor grinder | Photo ©OCKstyle

Frutta e verdura :: Овощи Фрукты :: Fruits and vegetables | Photo ©OCKstyle

Frutta secca :: Dried fruits | Photo ©OCKstyle

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Fiori ● Flowers ● Flores ● Fleurs ● Цветы ● 花卉

Rose 13 | Photo ©MateldaCodagnone

“Have you not noticed that the wild flowers are becoming scarcer every year? It may be that their wise men have told them to depart till man becomes more human. Perhaps they have migrated to heaven.”
― Kakuzō Okakura, The Book of Tea