A-team :: Chi siamo – Paola De Pillo

Paola De Pillo
Appetibilis Op-Ed

Name: Paola De Pillo, i.e. ME.
Calling: Romantic creative, aspiring writer

Born in Northern Italy, in Turin, later on I have been relocated in Central Italy, in the area of Chieti province.

I did not get a degree at the MIT, I am not a “know-it-all” graduate. I don’t even speak basic English, but I have an excellent command of Abruzzese dialect, both spoken and written. A young life “wasted” to cultivate my passion for drawing – instead of farming the fertile countryside of Abruzzo – directed me toward graphic arts and advertising. The Art School in Lanciano (Chieti), the IED in Rome (European Institute of Design), and several postgraduate courses…

I take notice of the olden and translate it into contemporary style. I absorb life and I narrate it in short, nonsensical thoughts. I let irony permeate my thoughts because irony, together with “Beauty”, shall certainly save us all. A-team :: Chi siamo – Paola De Pillo