New Year Resolutions… (Buoni propositi per l’anno nuovo)

⭐ Buoni propositi per l’anno nuovo!

Apparently only 8 percent of people are successful in achieving their resolutions. Ouch, sorry to hear that!

“Motivation is our fuel for doing anything, and the quality of our motivation affects whether our resolutions stick or fade away,” ~ Dr. Segar…

Here are few suggestions:
– Declutter your hard drive. Digital feng shui is important too.
– Create a budget and stick to it.
– Resolve to spend less, save more (especially for retirement).
– Reduce stress.
– Start using that beautiful bicycle parked in the garage.
Take fewer cabs, and start using the subway more.
– Start giving yourself more compliments.
Remember more birthdays, prevent the unfriending/defriending risks.
– Try to switch off your smartphone a bit more.
– Take that workshop on Photography; perhaps the one on Food Photography?
– Make few resolutions and stick to them.
– Let go of resolutions and do something. As they say “Less is more!” 😀

Happy New Year!

Buon Anno!!!

Come si dice: “anno nuovo, vita nuova”. Qui alcuni buoni propositi per l’anno nuovo, che probabilmente non rispetteremo; con qualche buona abitudine da rinfrescare per dare una svolta all’anno che verrà.
Tentar non nuoce XD

New Year Resolutions… (Buoni propositi per l’anno nuovo)

The Life Of a Chef :: Giorgia Grillo – Rome, Italy

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Chef Giorgia Grillo in her workshop prepping mini Rum Baba | Photo ©LuciaZeccara

Meet Chef Giorgia Grillo, my “Gambero Rosso Schools” classmate.
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The Life Of a Chef :: Giorgia Grillo – Rome, Italy