A-Team :: Matelda Codagnone

Appetibilis Team: Matelda Codagnone (aka Deda)

Hello there! My name is Matelda Codagnone – aka Deda – or Speedy Mat… (as someone used to call me).

Everybody keeps asking me the origin of my name. “Dante!” I answer. She is the woman the Poet meets in Paradise before Beatrice. But friends just call me Deda!

I am Abruzzese and I simply adore Flaiano (Italian scriptwriter, journalist and humorist) and his smart, ironic and free mindset.

A-Team :: Matelda Codagnone

A-Team :: Sara Scutti

Appetibilis Team: Sara Scutti

My name is Sara Scutti and I’m a Chef-at-heart, with a passion for photography

I am from Atessa, a small town from Chieti province, in Abruzzo. I have a Degree in Business Economics, and I’m working in the administrative office of a local company.
My hobbies are cooking, reading – mostly cooking books and magazines – and volleyball.

A-Team :: Sara Scutti

Pizza Times :: From Naples, Pizza’s Spiritual Home, to Japanese Okonomiyaki

Pizza napoletana

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San Gennaro, aka St. Januarius, is the patron saint of Naples, a coastal Italian city of 950,000 located 140 miles south of Rome… Where To Eat Pizza In Naples, Italy, Pizza’s Spiritual Home via Food Republic

Pizza porn

Let’s start with Okonomiyaki, Japan’s take on pizza, is hardly recognizable when compared to the Italian original… This Is What Pizza Looks Like Around the World via Condé Nast Traveler

Food & Travel

The most sensible approach to the Alpine geological wonderland known as the Dolomites is also the most evocative one… In Italy, Hiking and Haute Cuisine in the Dolomites via The New York Times

Turin could be the blueprint for the post-industrial city of the future. Once Italy’s manufacturing powerhouse… The alternative city guide to Turin, Italy | Travel via The Guardian

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