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My name is Orsola Ciriello Kogan (aka ockstyle), I’m a freelance food stylist & wordsmith, and the founder of Appetibilis.
Here, with a small team of talented friends, we “eat, drink and are merry” while narrating about Italy, its recipes, stories, legends and folktales…

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“Appetibilis.net is about Stories of Places, People & Things” 😉

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La Grappa del Trentino nel piatto Il team al completo

Cooking with Grappa in Trentino

The kitchen is hot, temperature is on the rising, everybody is very active. You recognize when mastery is at work! And here I am thinking what the heck am I going to prepare? #appetibilisliving

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The Appetibilis Lazio: Chef Simona Scarone, Styling and recipe testing Orsola Ciriello Kogan, Photographer Rosangela Giannoccaro photo©SimonaScarone

About us

A creative and ingenious team: Cooking, Styling, Photographing, and Writing. Not necessarily in this order 😉

(From the left) Simona, clarinetist & special diets personal chef + Orsola, food stylist, photographer, trained chef and pastry chef + Rosangela, the official photographer.
There is also Matelda, the work safety expert + Lorenza, the experienced translator + … Continue reading