50+ Shades of… New Year Resolutions


1. Turn your phone off
2. Slow down and smell the roses
3. Backup computer
4. Spend less time on social media
5. Stop multitasking
6. Learn to code
7. Create a budget
8. Spend less
9. Say “no” more often
10. Clean your shoes

11. Non dire più parolacce… porca paletta
12. Fare tante fotografie
13. Adottare un cane
14. Mangiare bene senza pentirmene
15. Ridere e sorridere di più
16. Concentrarmi di più per risolvere i problemi
17. Pormi meno obiettivi, più realistici, ma raggiungerli ad ogni costo
18. Lavorare meno e meglio
19. Il miglior proposito è… di non farmi più propositi

20. Eat healthier food
21. Cook a different recipe every week
22. Get in shape: loose weight, again
23. Walk to work
24. Take the stairs
25. Get up and move
26. Give yourself a break
27. Stop procrastinating
28. Read a book
29. Learn a language
30. Smile more, go to dentist
31. Eat well
32. Drink more water
33. Reduce, reuse, recycle
34. Travel more
35. Go on microadventure
36. Embrace the great outdoors
37. Take a road trip on California’s Highway One
38. Eat your way through… (pick the location)
39. Reinvent yourself
40. Learn to sing
41. Become more social
42. Start dreaming bigger
43. Find the ultimate bliss
44. Become more organized
45. Give away all clothes which have not been worn for sometime
46. Make a plan
47. Make a realistic plan
48. Work on plan B
49. Don’t get lost in the small details
50. Make a to-do list
51. Turn your hobby into a career
52. Learn more about art, music, culture
53. Think about what you really want out of life.
54. Start sending to friends actual birthday cards.

“May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions” ~Joey Adams
(Che i tuoi problemi durino quanto i tuoi buoni propositi per l’anno nuovo). 😉

Happy Holiday Season!

However, wherever, whenever, you celebrate this Holiday Season, we wish you lots of Happiness, Peace and Joy. Cheers! from Appetibilis team

Happy Holiday Season from Appetibilis! | photo: ©ArKey
Happy Holiday Season from Appetibilis! | photo: ©ArKey

“È stato molto tempo fa, più di quanto ora sembra,
in un posto che forse nei sogni si rimembra,
la storia che voi udire potrete,
si svolse nel mondo delle feste più liete.
Vi sarete chiesti, magari, dove nascono le feste.
Se così non è, direi… che cominciare dovreste!
Dal film “Nightmare Before Christmas”

Happy Holiday Season from Appetibilis! | photo: ©ArKey
Happy Holiday Season from Appetibilis! | photo: ©ArKey

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Sara's drunken cupcakes with Montepulciano d'Abruzzo wine...
Sara’s drunken cupcakes with Montepulciano d’Abruzzo wine…