A-Team :: Giuseppe Marone

My name is Giuseppe Marone, and I’m a photographer-at-heart

Giuseppe Marone #AppetibilisTeam

Born in Termoli (Molise), fifty-some years ago – back when Abruzzo and Molise were a single region – and since early 90s – when I started working as an engineer for a multinational company in Pescara – I have been living in Abruzzo. A-Team :: Giuseppe Marone

A-Team :: Sonia Marchetti

My name is Sonia Marchetti and I’m graduated in Food Science and Technology at Teramo University.

Dott.ssa Sonia Marchetti #AppetibilisTeam
Sonia Marchetti

I was born in Abruzzo, an area rich in folklore, wildlife and beautiful places. This is the reason why, although I travel much, every time I have the chance, I go back to my hometown, Atessa (Chieti).

A-Team :: Sonia Marchetti