Recipe: The “Leftovers Quiche”

The Leftovers Quiche :: #glutenfree #dairyfree | Photo ©MateldaCodagnone
The Leftovers Quiche
#glutenfree #dairyfree
Photo ©MateldaCodagnone

Zero-waste attitude is the luxury translation of “non si butta via niente”. Besides being an extremely creative process, zero-waste attitude is economically rewarding and politically correct, provided that the cook is in the right mood. Appetibilis team is always in the right cooking mood, no matter what the fridge contains. Our leftover quiche is made with “schizophrenic” ingredients: rice milk cream, gluten-free puff pastry, peas, for the healthy side; eggs, smoked bacon for the glutton part of our tastebuds. The outcome has been surprisingly good, despite of the heterogeneity of the raw materials. Yours, Lorenza Recipe: The “Leftovers Quiche”

Rabbit Leftovers Polpette

I love testing recipes, especially the ones that require slow cooking… Last week I tried to slow roast a whole rabbit, (a bit too much for a dinner for two). No specific recipe and I didn’t bother to write down what I’ve been using, (oops). I tend to work with what I have available at home, particularly those ingredients that risk to be on their way to the wastebin. (I always manage to find a lonely carrot or a single tomato…, but this is another recipe).

Chef all'opera... (un po' disordinate 'ste polpettine!)  Photo: OCKstyle
Chef all’opera… (un po’ disordinate ‘ste polpettine!) Photo: OCKstyle

Here I am with a lot of roasted rabbit, some beef-mince, half courgette, a chunk of stale bread and one egg. It’s “Polpette time!”, however the mix was a bit too soft for classic polpette, ergo I opted for a quenelle shape. And into the oven they went, 180C (about 370F), 15-20 minutes.

Delightfully yours,
Orsola CK @ Appetibilis

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