Recipe: Frittata di “Maccarunə Carrati”

Once upon a time, when the zero-waste attitude was an integral part of our living, there was “la frittata di maccheroni”. There are no particular recipes for this one-dish meal usually made out of leftover pasta with its sauce, beaten eggs and eventually  “aggarbato” with cheese (usually the grated crust of aged-old pecorino).

Notes: Aggarbato comes from the verb aggarbare and in neapolitan language it means to fix something. In this case aggarbato means “adjusted to achieve the tastiest result”

Here’s the Frittata di “Maccarunə Carrati” aka Spaghetti alla chitarra with asparagus and aged pecorino cheese.

Frittata di spaghetti alla chitarra
Frittata di Maccarunə Carrati… Photo: Lonza65

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“Spaghetti alla Chitarra” Strikes The Right Chord

You don’t need to be a musician to enjoy “spaghetti alla chitarra” [chitarra, pronounced key-tahr-rah, is the Italian word for guitar]. You just need to be a curious foodie, since spaghetti alla chitarra, or simply “chitarra” is one of the many signature dishes of the Abruzzi cuisine.

Chitarra – the artisanal cooking tool – is made of a wooden frame with steel wires stretched on it. Once you have a classic fresh pasta dough, the entire process of making spaghetti is relatively simple.

Sfoglia di semola rimacinata... Photo: ©MateldaCodagnone

First you’ll need to make a “sfoglia” (= dough rolled-out to form a sheet), then you lay it onto the the chitarra and press it with the help of the rolling pin to cut the delicious strands (by means of the pin or by hand). The outcome is this.

Making "Spaghetti alla chitarra"... Photo: ©MateldaCodagnone

Spaghetti alla chitarra is durum wheat square-shaped egg pasta that goes virtually with any sauces you can think of. Be it fish or meat, or a simple “pommarola”, it is the most popular main course in the Abruzzi.

Have a try and Buon Appetibilis!

Spaghetti alla chitarra with asparagus... Photo: ©Lonza65

In Season: Fresh Peas in the Pod, Asparagus and…


“Spring is the time of year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade.”
― Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

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Lorenza Destro aka Lonza65

Born in the Sixties, I am fond of languages, sports, literature and food. I believe that “to know a second language is to have a second soul”. One of the funniest way to get to know a Country is, besides learning its language, is to taste its food. For the time being, I am still exploring Italy and it’s a quite long way to go…

I was brought up in Veneto and I studied in Trieste. I graduated in 1990 and I am a translator by trade. In 1993 I moved to the Abruzzi and since then I have been living in the Pescara area. I have been working as a free lance translator and as employee in many companies of the area. I have always been interested in food because I strongly believe that it is the most powerful means to understand people and to gather people together. Food is a sort of traditional footprint that we bear with us but can be easily shared with others.

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“Now that it comes to my mind, I ask myself what I really cherish about being “Abruzzese” and I must confess, alas! everything; I mean the pride of being Abruzzese swells up to my throat when I least expect it.” – Ennio Flaiano, Italian scriptwriter, journalist and humorist”

I simply adore Flaiano and his smart , ironic and free mindset. My name is Matelda Codagnone, aka Deda or Speedy Mat… as someone used to call me and I am Abruzzese.

Matelda, everybody keeps asking me the origin of my name. “Dante!” I answer “in Purgatory”. She is the woman the Poet meets in Paradise before Beatrice. Friends just call me Deda!

In my salad days I wanted to become a photographer… and, as a matter of fact, I worked as such, for some time. I studied photography and I had the opportunity to cooperate with many professionals of the field. Fashion, art, show biz, cinema, advertising. You name it! But life is a continuous journey of transformation, things change and I left photography for a while. A few years ago I dusted my camera off and  now I shoot for sheer fun in my spare time. Now my job is in a completely different area, workplace safety and training. I set up and arrange training courses on safety topics and between one course and the other, I take pictures.

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“Adesso che mi ci fai pensare, mi domando anch’io che cosa ho conservato di abruzzese e debbo dire, ahimè, tutto; cioè l’orgoglio di esserlo che mi riviene in gola quando meno me l’aspetto.” –  Ennio Flaiano

Adoro Flaiano e il suo pensiero brillante, ironico e libero. Mi chiamo Matelda Codagnone, Speedy Mat… così mi chiama(va) qualcuno e sono abruzzese.

Matelda, tutti mi chiedono che origine abbia il mio nome. “Dante!” rispondo ” nel Purgatorio. È la donna che il poeta incontra nel Paradiso Terrestre prima di Beatrice.” Gli amici però mi chiamano Deda!

E pensare che da giovane volevo fare la fotografa… per qualche anno l’ho fatta. Ho studiato fotografia e ho lavorato per molti anni con tanti professionisti del settore. Dalla moda, all’arte, dallo spettacolo e cinema alla pubblicità. Poi, perchè la vita è tutto un divenire, le cose son cambiate e ho abbandonato per diverso tempo. Da pochi anni ho ripreso a scattare delle immagini per puro divertimento e piacere quando ho tempo libero. Oggi il mio lavoro è in un settore diverso, la sicurezza sul lavoro e la sua formazione. Organizzo corsi divulgando il verbo del lavorare senza pericoli e fra un corso e l’altro scatto foto.

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Born in Italy – Rome, Paris, Moscow and NYC are the places I feel at home. Hence a savvy traveler with a strong cross-cultural sensitivity, who keeps cool in chaos.

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Fotografa, food stylist e blogger, con un trascorso professionale in cucina e pasticceria.

Sono nata all’ombra del Vesuvio – Roma, Parigi, Mosca e New York sono le città dove mi sento a casa. Quindi, viaggiatrice navigata, con una forte sensibilità interculturale.

Tra un viaggio e l’altro fotografo, provo e invento ricette dolci e salate, preparo cibi e bevande per le riprese fotografiche, scrivo. Non necessariamente in quest’ordine 😉

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