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Edible Roundups: Omnivorous Trends – January 2013

“Excellence” is not a gift, but a skill that takes practice. We do not act “rightly” because we are “excellent”, in fact we achieve “excellence” by acting “rightly”.” ~Plato


Omnivorous Trends, Multicultural Vegetarian and Foodie Disorders

The hard task of inventing a truly great dish. Anyone can follow a recipe, but writing one is a much harder skill to master… Food Lover’s Cleanse and the Ingredients of Tomorrow

white choco

Ice Wines, Oysters and White Chocolate Allure. Le Milking Tendance

WHAT is the most popular thing in the world?… Back to Basics: Yannick Alléno, Gelato University n Scooping

Wine, Food and a Vegan Pantry, Cultural Adventures : Vegan chefs, who agree that changing eating habits overnight can be challenging, offered advice for stocking a vegan pantry and…

food styling

Vegetarian Haggis, Aging Beef and Food Photography, (Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials) – Best Food Photography

Food Projects, Swedish Inspiration, Haggis and Burns Night Recipes – It is said that a wise person rides the tide of the seasons, and takes the changes in stride…

dog and spaghetti

Dogs, Spaghetti, Spices and the Carnival’s King Cakes – Got spaghetti?

Egg Shaper, Jellyfish and Barrel-Aged Cocktails [ #GF #News ] – Cooking gadgets for home food styling